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Mediation is a service that is available as an alternative to litigation. Family mediation is where a professionally trained mediator that is independent will help you to try and resolve issues regarding your finances and/or children and other matters.

Mediation can help you to stay in control and it can give you more of a say about what you would like to happen. Sometimes mediation can be less stressful and help reduce the level of conflict. It can be quicker and less costly than referring matters to the court to determine.

You may contact a mediator direct or discuss this with your solicitor. At an initial meeting, your mediator will discuss with you whether mediation is suitable for you. The mediator will speak with you about the process so that you can understand how this works. If further meetings are scheduled the mediator will speak with you about this. Between meetings you may wish to obtain advice from your solicitor if you are instructing a solicitor.

If mediation is successful, then the mediator will explain the next steps. Mediators will usually recommend that each person obtains legal advice throughout the mediation process.

You may also be able to get some help with funding mediation and this can also be explored with publicly funded mediators.

There is a requirement (with a couple of exceptions) that you need to have considered mediation and attended a MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) with a suitably qualified mediator to discuss mediation before referring the matter to the court for assistance.

At Noren Family Law, we offer support and guidance to our clients when they attending mediation. If you are considering mediation or are currently attending mediation then please contact us to see how we can support and guide you through this.